The Population of Chinese mobile netizen has Reached to 10 Million

Publish Date: 2009-03-09



  China mobile phone internet users have exceed 117.6 million.Entertainment application is to be the major option from these users.CFP provide above picture.
       Report from our correspondent(Reporter Wufan) that there are more than 117.6 million mobile phone internet user in China in which 80s mobile users is main consumer group. CNNIC promulgated recently by the end of last year, China mobile phone user has surpassed 640 millioon and entertainment application is the main option of mobile internet user.Expert analyzed that with further popularity of domestic mobile application, mobile internet will probablely be over traditional internet. Mobile phone blog and mobile friends community combined with traditional internet will be expected as new highlight of mobile internet.
   80s become mobile internet mainstream
  Last year from December 19th to 23 th,CNNIC sampled 2933 mobile user from seven main regions in China.  Acoridng to the result, 80s group which is the age from 20 to 29 is still the main mobile internet users,accounting for over 70% of the sample. Meanwile,male user make up 74.6% of mobile internet users,yet female proportion is increasing year after year,which is predicted to achieve the balance between male and female users.
  Once characteristis of domestic mobile user is a little higher viscosity, which mean surf frequency and surf time are on the increase.Analyst Chidazhi think that fixed monthly payment generated remarkable impact on the viscosity of user surf.The improvement of last year domsetic mobile internet also has positive influence.
  As statistics from CNNIC,user who surf more than once per day account for 34% of total users,and frequency could remain on the increase as a  reusult of  high utilization rate of mobile user,which means,mobile internet will definitely become info retrieval and communication tool complimented to traditional internet.
  600 million active user
 State Council standing meeting has in principle passed resolution that renovation will be adjusted via electric info industry and put forwad "integration of three network".Expert express that will accelarate  three main network including  telecom network,computer network,cable TV network from industry seperation to integretion and unity.The high popularity of mobile phone will take on the integration of three network.So mobile users habit and trend will affect future market development.
 CNNIC report shows that entertainment application is still the first option of mobile internet user.Mobile game and mobile music  remains high popularity which own about 6  million users.Mobile TV and mobile blog has 2.5 million active users.And business and study product represents rapid growing trend,in which mobile WAP mailbox business enjoy the fastest development with around 4.8 million active users.
  Also,CNNIC suvey find out 5.5%  of mobile internet users only surf via mobile phone,94.5% user pay attention on intenet application and experience.Mailbox use has most contact ratio with 94% of all the users while lowest contact of 66.2% belong to TV application.

  A lot of capital investor think highly of its prospect
In the past of year,multiple venture investor and traditional internet company invest one after another based on mobile internet making friends community construction which are constant popularity.In-campus network and other comunity network provide new business  which are focused on mobile internet user.Traditional internet magnate such as Sina, Sohu and Netease are developing new business like instant mesage,security etc on the mobile phone internet area, and planning to extend advantage domain.

 Experts from Airui Net point that the initiation of domestic 3G business,high brandboard and mobile terminal improvement will bring new momentum for mobile phone internet market.Nowadays,both mobile internet application sevice and business model require innovation and breakthrough.Application that satisfy the communication demand is expected to go ahead such as mobile TV,mobile blog which will win more attention.The progress of mobile community rest on breakthrough of people group limitation and extension of various group user while it could be tempered by brandboard limitation,screen display and website construction.

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