80s Becoming the Major Group of Cell-phone Internet Surfer

Publish Date: 2009-03-09


CNS Feb 18th China Network Information Center issued a report named "Mobile Phone Access the Internet in China".Report  indicate that moblie internet application product in China is constantly improving. 80's group have become main user in moblie internet, reaching 70.8% out of total mobile netizen.

  80s has become the mainstream of mobile internet user

 CNNIC shows that recently mobile internet user is mainly composed of male users,representing 74.6% of total amount. At the same time,the proportion of female users is increasing annually, which is predicted to achieve the balance between male and female users. 80s has become the mainstream of mobile internet user, which will roughly equal with that of male users, about 70.8%.

According to this survey, the frequency to surf by mobile phone is increasing steadily.The amounts occupy 34% of total mobile internet surfer. The trend will be long maintained to lead to a higher mobile internet rate.

  Product on friend community is developing rapidly

  Report shows that  the highest applicaton rate is still instant communicatioon among all of moblie internet products which occupy 31.2% of  the whole.The huge user group garantee the good development base.

   While friend commniuty product got remarkable breakthrough in market in 2008.The powerful gather capability provide favorable advantage for its deveiopment. In addition,many moblie phone community panel have made great progress in 2008.

Entertainment become first option

According to statistics from CNNIC report, entertainment application remains first option of mobile internet users.Mobile music applicaiton keeps the high rate, approximately 6 million active user in a whole. New products such as Moblie TV and Moble blog are getting more and more popularity among mobile phone internet users which reach about 2 million all over the active users. Moreover, the survey also shows that business and study product is developing dramatically,especially moblie phone WAP mailbox business with 2.4 million active users already.

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