• Position:PHP Programmer

    Job Functions:

    1. Website overall plan, function design, and progarm

    2. Website develop and test, maintain the existing code

    3. Project develop, design new functions, and assist to update website

    4. Maintain the back end of Website and website quality control.

    Candidate requirements :

    1. PHP 3+ years, Experience developing and designing website or data managing in marketing research field would be highly regarded

    2. A good understanding of PHP OOP projects, good coding skill, and must have some experience with CodeIgniter

    3. Functional skill in MySQL, especially the new functions of MySQL 5

    4. Functional skill in PHP5、HTML、JQUERY、AJAX

    5. Excellent logical, being able to analysis and solve problems independently, good customer service and communication skills

    6. Have responsibility, the ability to share, collaborate and accept challenge and pressure

    7. A sound theoretical basis, and a strong ability of operation

    8. A strong ability of study and work, love developing.

  • Position:Sales Manager/ Functions consulting manager

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the online business sales;

    2. Monitoring, investigation, analysis and development potential market research customer;

    3. Tracking, maintenance market research customer;

    Candidate requirements:

    1. Overseas study or working experience

    2. Fluent in oral and written English

    3. With Europe and the United States sales experience is preferred

    4. Have good occupation quality and excellent communication skills;

    5. Has strong negotiation ability and expression ability;

    6. Have ability to work under pressure, with a high degree of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility

    7. Have a good team cooperation ability.

  • Position:English translation

    Job description:

    1. To help project managers analyze the project, the development of relevant programs;

    2, responsible for internal project coordination, including the configuration and coordination of resource requirements, schedule coordination, quality control and staff coordination;

    3. Responsible for the coordination of the project team and other departments within the company, including resource requirements and deployment of personnel;

    4, responsible for the project team, customers and third-party coordination, maintaining good relations with stakeholders;

    5, responsible for coordinating the organization to carry out projects in various meetings;

    6, coordinate and solve other issues within the project.

    Candidate requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, foreign language professional, English 8 certificate, spoken;

    2, the foreign language listening and speaking ability, and profound translation skills, proficient in Chinese and foreign translation, Chinese writing is excellent;

    3, careful, quick thinking, strong sense of responsibility;

    4, a study abroad experience preferred.

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