Eight big cities including Shanghai and Beijing are turning into 3G age!

Publish Date: 2009-03-10


Oriental morning post, on February 19th, 2009, reported that it might not be able to release the 3G license plates immediately; however, China Mobile may try to start the operation of TD-SCDMA in some big cities in China. China Mobile indicates their idea to reporters that their 8 cities' TD- SCDMA network possibly starts from the end of February to the beginning of March. This means that "China Mobile" phone users from these 8 cities will be abole to use 3G age soon.
      Nowadays, China Mobile had already opened the TD Expo in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. There are 2 offices in Shanghai being able to offer TD applications and services. Many different kinds of TD cell phones and its services, including 3G services have already been displayed in the exhibition where citizens could experience the 3G service by themselves.

        The TD Expo has not started providing the 3G services yet, but has already set up the service counters, automatic service machines and so on. After the operation starts, China Mobile can begin to sell the 3G cell phones. Customers will then be able to enjoy all kinds of media on their 3G cell phones, such as watching TV, video conferencing, music broadcasts, and internet games.

China Mobile has built up TD network in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Qinghuangdao, Xiamen, Shanghai and kwangchou after several times of testing. The reporter from Morning post indicates that , China Mobile's TD network has almost covered entire Shanghai, except the underground railway and maglev.

Besides the network, TD cell phone has nearly got ready as well. Before the spring festival, there were 7 kinds of cell phones from 6 different cell-phone suppliers passed test and got the license. After that, China Mobile puchased 60,000 TD cell phones from 6 cell-phone suppliers via bidding. Thereby, TD has got network and cell phone, the condition of testing operation has been basically in possession.

However, professionals generally believe that the testing operation of TD network does not mean the 3G license need to be granted at the same time. Also, it takes time for TD to be officially commercialized, and the networks need to be built up  hundreds of cities. As layout, China Mobile will lay the TD networks within hundreds of cities in China during the second period of construction.



Term explanation:3G
    What is 3G, it's actual name is "3rd Generation", which means the 3rd generation of tele-communication. In 1995, the first generation of cell phone (1G) could only be used for voice calling; From 1996 to 1997, the second generation called "GSM", "TDMA" digital cell phone (2G) which improved the function of receiving data, such as receiving emails and websites; The main difference between the third generation and the last two generations is the improvement of velocity in transferring sounds and data. It enables to achieve the no-gap surfing globally much more efficient, as well as disposing multi-media forms such as images, sounds, videos etc, providing web page browsing, conference call, and e-com, also considering the good compatibility with the second generation system. In order to provide this kind of services, the wireless network has to be capable of sustaining different velocity of data transfering. In other words, under the different circumstances of indoors, outdoors, or driving, 3G could sustain at least 2Mbps, 384kbps, and 133kbps of transmission speed accordingly. (this numerical value will get changed depending on the network condition)

Comparing to the first generation of simulation cell phone (1G) and the second generation of GSM, TDMA (2G), 3G telecommunication got more names. International Telecommunication Alliance names 3G as "IMT-2000", European telecom magnates call it "UMTS". (Source:Oriental morning post, Reporter: Ling, Zhou)

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