The Deeply Analysis of Every Province’ future Development Trend in China

Publish Date: 2009-03-10


One: Heilongjiang
     1. Exploit two big port:the optimal direction of development is to get access to Russia land in general.Corrently there is no issues in politics,but have a shortage of cash supply.Harbinger is originally a port sity along the Songhua River,but inner river inside Songhua River is not suitable to build big port.So the key point should be focused on development of Tongjiang Port which locates on the junction of  Songhua River and Heilongjiang River or Fuyuan Port where Wusuli River and Heilongjiang River site.These area would be vast across the river in the duration of non-freeze period.It has no resistence for ten thousand level tonner to reach Miaojie facing the Japanese Sea extended to Pacific Ocean futher. 
     2. Develop two river special area:Heihe river is supposed to be a crucial area which used to be Hailanpao,although  no rail roads have been reached. This area could apply more favorable policy from central government.Suifeng River is another focal point which had better affiliated directly to provincal government due to its minimal area.Dongning would be attributed to Suifeng River and lauched as an new inter-border trade area facing  Vladivostock.
     3. Harbinger is a metropolitan city in spite of lower development compared to Shenyang in recent years.It is advised that city construction and afforestation shuld be first step.Secondly,equipment manufacture and munition industry should be key point.Heilongjiang enterprise contain less problem in ownership system and capital structure than interference from government and lag behind ideology in official mind.Above all ,corruption tops among all the other area of nation.The key to tackle the issue is import of foreign-fund investment and private investment.
     4. Qiqiha'er used to be capital of Heilongjiang Province.If suffer from low economic development after degrading as prefecture city.Recent National Winter Game hold renovated its economy.The radical issue lies in provincial construction.The four prefecture city in the west region of Heilongjiang Province including Qiqiha'er ,Daqing,Heihe and Daqing'anlin,along with Hulunbei'er League and Xing'an League in the east area of  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region might be conglomerated to establish new province named Xing'an Province where the captial would locate in Qiqiha'er City.Meanwhile  Daxing'anlin Region could be upgraded as Daxing'anlin Prefecture so that such drawback as multiple governance could be settled incidentally.In addition,Xing'an League can be renamed as Hulanhaote Prefecture while upgrading Manchurian Region as Prefecture city and border special zone.As a result,brand-new established Xingan Province will administrate seven prefecture city such as Qiqiha'er,Daqing,Heihe,Daxing'anlin,Hulunbei'er,Wulanhaote.Once upgrading as capital of Heilongjiang Province,Qiqihe'er City would be another new economic growth pole.
     5. Daxing'anlin region have suffered from slow economic accretion after deforestation being prohibited.The establishment of nation-level frozen tourism zone should be proposed for its biggest advantage of Forest Sea,Snow Plateau,orginal sightseeing and frozen climate,especially in the field of three county,that is ,Tahe County,Mohe County and Huma County.It is a pity that both local inhabitants and officials in Jiagedaqi District fail to realize the value.Half a year in Daxing'anlin Region is available for skiing which could not be found in any other area all over the country.In addition,with nation-wide warming climate in winter,the lowest temperature in Harbinger reach 30 degrees below zero while in Daxing'anling Region it could dip into 50 derees below in the duration of a couple of month which consist advantage of tourism economy.As a southerner, I am centain of the charm of such enviroment to southern ice sport lover who never experienced severe frigidity below 50 degrees.Economic condition permitted,all of us have desire to experience.What local officials should prepare for is firstly to build ariport,secondly to trasform timber-fetched trains and railway into tourist-exclusive vehicles.Another mearsue such as reorganizing forest-industry enterprise into tourism agency and reconstructing  sawmills located in depth of forest into small hotel.All of above policy will make a big forture.Deforestaiton must be completely prohibited!Afforestation groups are supposed to be initiated while lay-off worked employed would be paid according to amount of tree planted. 
     6. Development mode in Yichun City is similar to that of Daxing'anlin Region.Linked to border of Russia,it occurs to another way to develop border trade.The protection from deforestation is done much better anyway.
     7. As to three prefecture city namely Jixi,Hegang and Shuangyashan,the best way to exploit development space rely on emigration to Russia eastwards in case of resource exhaustion.No better approach to figure out concerning development of two prefecture city namely Jiamusi and Suihua owing to its inconvenient geographical location.
     8.Apart from petroleum,Daqing local govenment had better think over the future before oil been squeezed.
Two: Liaoning:
     1. Shenyang City has seen a rapid development thank to central govenment investment for revitalizing North-east economy.However disadvantage remain far from costal area.To overcome the issue depends on combination with Spanish Mackerel Zone administrated by Yinkou  Prefecture City government currently.A new high-speed railway would be built for connection Hunnan New Dsitrict of Shenyang with Spanish Macherel Zone port as an enclave governed by Shenyang adminstration.
     2. Panjing city had better be merged with Yinkou city.Despite border with sealine,Five Points and One Line Strategy doesn't cover Panjin City,which will be negative factor in future development.
     3. Dandong's development should not rest on reform and opening up practiced by DPRK government,which is far from reality.The only way out of this has to rely on expand scale of Dong Gang port and move municipal government to somewhere adjacent to Dong Gang.After the railway directly across Heilongjiang and Jilin Province been completed,the potential would be enormous.
     4. Dalian's economic progress seems a little bit slow while Jinzhou City indicates a bright future that it could be third economic community in Liaoning Province.
     5. Stop taking independance of North East region.It is understandable for Liaoning people to contribute for our nation.Now central government has pay most attention on North East development as opposed to other area in the futher of five year at least.Afterwards,Liaoning Province would still remain one of most prosperous provinces in China eventually.It is partly secret with regard to  the investment on local administration.It seems to me that central financing should increase economical support in NE area.Liaojing used to,and will alway be the eldest son of the republic.
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