3G Epoch Bring a New Way to Market Research

Publish Date: 2009-03-10


3G Epoch is coming,bringing an incredible revolution to market reseach sample collection!

1.3G will bring incredible change to telecommunication market.
The advent of 3G bring about intense competition in domestic mobile telecommunication.Whether newcomer who eager to seize more market share like China Telecom and China Netcom or current market dominant like China Mobile and China Unicom are facing the challenge of success or failure in the business operation.Therefore all of telecom operators would form different bussiness strategies in line with dynamic enviroment and their own inner resource and capability.These stategies range from tactics on network investment,which business mode would be adopted to how to integrate industry chain.Futhermore,these strategies could be divided into how to segment market and position product,what price stadard should be adopted and how to improve channel.

2.mobile phone internet user activate never before
 With advent of 3G epoch,China wireless internet market take on explosive increasing trend. While internet job hunter,online shopping and other practical internet application are wildly applied,the rate of entertainment application like the online musice,online TV tend to drop off,which indicate China internet is diverting application from entainment function to value-oriented.
Since last year,insurance company staff Wangxin was not satisfied with normal internet. With new moblie phone,he feel free to watch news or play online game at any time and any place.This kind of no-limited mobile internet mode fits more with his requirment.

CNNIC report shows,compared with rapidly increasing online user, China wireless internet  users is upsoaring "incredible" with increase rate of 133%.mobile internet user in 2008 double that in 2007, up to 117 million. Mobile internet is gradually becoming a popular web access way. It is reported that with the issue of 3G lisence,mobile internet would develop more rapidly.
Besides more investment from operator and constant drop in mobile phone hardware cost boost the increase of mobile phone users, a variety of traditonal  internet application such as instant message,card and chess games and online novel are applied into wireless internet, which is a motivating factor.
Online job hunting get popular
Although online music remain the first application service ,the proportion of users drop from 86.6% in 2007 to 83.7% in 2008.CNNIC indicated that the entire application rate of online music  tends to be on the decline athough its scale is still expanding.
 The report suggest, in the main internet application industry, online job hunt, blog updating and online shopping list top three on the increase.
The hot spot of online job hunt reflect the unbalance between supply and demand in job position due to the severe international financing situation. Until Dec 2008, approximately 162 million netizen have their own blog thanks to the rapid increase of China blog policy. Recently online shopper reached 74 million,with 60% increase rate annually. Otherwise, online order and tourism reservation has form a certain scale, with 11 million netizen in the area of online order and 17 million tourism reservation already.
  Netizen from rural area increase by 30 million every year
Nowadays,it is very common for Chinese peasant to order seed and sell speciality. "Online villiage" occured never seem like a flash-news. CNNIC shows Chinese netizen living in rural area reached 8.46 million by the end of 2008 with increase of 3.19 million and more than 60% growth rate compared with that of 2007. 
Just 2 years before,people still feel anxious about "digital gap" betwewn east and west region in China that could occur in the development of internet while it is unexpected in the real world situation. Report show that citizen in west region of China has rapidest increase with six west region among all 8 provinces reaching 60% increase rate,especially Qinghai,Yunnan,and Guizhou, which show the all-around develoment in China internet industry.
Expert believe that rural area and west region have strong demand despite  the further maturity in the eastern and cenral region,which will be a vital force in the future internet development.

3.more convenient in market research sample collection
With advent of 3G epoch, market research sample collection enjoy expanding area and interviewee.Various kind of people such as the senior ,the young, the sick, the pregnant, the medical worker and the superior executive officer will no longer resist survey. New circumstance and advanced approach will be the new direction with the expansion of Chinese mobile phone user. Special sample group would be easy to collection through 3G, afterwards real high quality market reseach will be established definitely.

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