Complete the Integration of Global Panel Website in 2009

Publish Date: 2009-01-15


With the vigorous development of internet world wide and the appearance of the third party quality control platform, the quality of online survey has a further improvement. Choosing more superior online survey has been the first choice of marketing research sample collection. iPanelOnline company has optimized and oriented all of its panels through the integration and optimization of global panel. It offers more exact panel services to the vast collaborators.

During 2008, all of the online surveys in our company use the third party quality control platform. In the process of sample collection, we guaranteed the authenticity and reliability of samples, and this greatly improved the quality of samples. The experiments has proven that we had found the real reason that influence the online survey’s quality, and received strong approval from our partners. The experience tells us the development of market lie in the quality; iPanelOnline fully realizes the importance of quality and offers higher quality sample. What’s more, our eternal objection is to provide you the best service.

In 2009, iPanelOnline integrate 13 panel websites which cover 55 countries in the world.


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